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About Us

Experiences shape our lives, our state of mind, and our interactions and relationships with others. They bring us together, connect us, and leave lasting impressions and memories.

who we are

SG3 Events is a boutique Event Planning and Lifestyle Management company dedicated to bringing people together through the power of experiences. We plan and style intricate weddings, birthdays, corporate events and more, with a specialization in creating uniquely personalized and exceptional experiences during the events.

As a boutique company, we provide a comprehensive planning process focused on creating the most memorable experiences you desire, while incorporating chic aesthetics, fine details, and luxurious elements tailored to your needs. We consider everything from what you and your guests will see, hear, touch, smell, and taste, to seamlessly produce a one-of-a-kind personalized event experience, with cohesive aesthetics.

We also provide exclusive Lifestyle services for clients who seek a unique and intimate experience to celebrate a special occasion. These services range from planning an intimate in-home dining experience to a lavish trip on an exotic island with excursions tailored to your lifestyle. We are committed to producing Events and Lifestyle experiences that bring people together, and have both style and substance.

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To experience an event goes beyond simply attending. It involves stimulation of the senses in ways that generates heartwarming feelings and leave lasting memories.


Owner and Creative Director, Sarah Nickens, has been planning events for over a decade and officially launched SG3 Events in 2018. With a Bachelors Degree from Howard University and a professional background in Project Management and planning Corporate Events, Sarah brings years of experience in detailed planning, design, and organization. She is extremely passionate about planning, celebrating life, creating memories, and building relationships with her clients. As a result, she is able to effectively produce extraordinary experiences that are tailored to her client’s needs.

Sarah is known for her stellar attention to detail and her modern, understated luxury, and simplistic approach to event design. Her events exude a signature style that combines modern, fun, and chic aesthetics with luxurious elements and experiences.

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